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Welcome to the home for NYC's premier series for early-stage founders. We host weekly panels, talks and interviews about topics that are critical to early-stage startups.

Stacklist curates each event to ensure all attendees gain tools they can implement immediately and strategies they'll use forever. 


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Upcoming Events for Founders

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I've been to two panel discussions and both were incredibly informative as I try to raise capital and navigate the PR environment for my new startup.


About Stacklist

Since 2016, NYC's founders and operators have attended Stacklist events for insights, inspiration and help on their startup journey. 

Stacklist curates each discussion to ensure all attendees gain tools they can implement immediately and strategies they'll use forever. 

We've hosted hundreds of live panels, talks and interviews for startup operators, and more than 180 virtually since covid began.


Experience & Expertise

Stacklist hosts three types of speakers for every panel, talk or interview. The first type is the founder with rich and abundance experience growing startups. The second type is the expert who has world-class knowledge about the topics that startups care about. The third type is the investor who brings an invaluable outside perspective on what matters at a growing business.


What Startups Need to Know

Stacklist focuses on topics that are critical to all startups. These are our most popular subjects:


PR, Content, Advertising, Social, Influencers, Budgeting

Raising Capital:

VC, Angels, Loans, Bootsrapping, Cap Table Frameworks


MVPs, Engineering Teams, Outsourcing, Project Management


Sales Teams, Business Development, Goal-setting, Pricing


Recruiting, Hiring, Management, Culture, Comp, Terminations


Your Startup People

The Stacklist equation is a mix of excellent speakers, relevant topics and curated, organized discussion questions.


The result is an incredible networking event with lively discussion and helpful, lasting connections.

At Stacklist events, attendees meet investors, potential hires, partners and even new clients.


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